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Completing a marathon is an incredible achievement, but how about finishing 104 of them… in 104 days? And this as an amputee using a prosthetic? You have to admire Jacky Hunt-Broersma for this incredible achievement.

The 46-year-old from South Africa who now resides in Arizona, USA, was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2002. This rare form of bone cancer forced doctors to amputate Jacky’s left leg before the cancer could spread. Despite this life-saving surgery, the then 26-year-old struggled with confidence, finding it difficult to be accepted and included.

It wasn’t until 2016 where she found an interest and a place within endurance running, signing up for her first 10km but later switching it to a half marathon the night before. It is astounding to think this would prompt her new passion where she would go onto breaking the world record for most marathons in as many days. Totalling 2,734 miles and raising £70,000 for Amputee Blade Runners, Jacky has accomplished a feat that many could never even dream of.

This story isn’t just about the enormity of the physical challenge, but the fundamental values of determination and resilience behind it. Having faced the battle of cancer, to bounce back and exceed all expectations with succeeding in an incomparable endeavour, Jacky has become a role model for not only fellow amputees, but all able-bodied people.

She has highlighted that our minds and bodies have no limits, and that we can overcome challenges and truly achieve anything we want to. Whether you are facing a challenge in sports or life in general, no matter the scale of this, everyone has the capability to succeed beyond their hopes. It is fascinating how any sport, not just endurance running can give people purpose and an extraordinary form of motivation. It can bring people together and not only benefit them physically, but perhaps even more so, mentally.

Image-Ross D Franklin/AP

Alfie Bobbins - Integral Sports Management.

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