News   |    December 22nd, 2021


There have been enormous strides in recent times in promoting greater equality in sport.

In my many years involved in sport there were never many female presenters and pundits on the TV but as we saw in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year event this year and on football pundit panels each week women are now right at the forefront of mainstream coverage.

Women like Emma Hayes at Chelsea are proving that women understand the technical aspects of football just as much as their male counterparts. The same is now true in so many other sports as well.

I spent many happy years working with Sport England and UK Sport and I know how much they are doing to promote equality. They define their role as ‘supporting the development of a fair, equitable and ethical world-class sporting system in the UK that is athlete-centred and people-focused. Equality is about recognising and removing the barriers faced by people involved or wanting to be involved in sport. It is about changing the culture of sport to one that values diversity and enables the full involvement of disadvantaged groups in every aspect of sport’.

At Integral Sports Management we manage female clients in exactly the same way as our male clients and increasingly sponsors and advertisers are engaging with women in a way that would never have happened even two or three years ago.

Integral represents Emily Appleton in tennis, Kallie Balfour and Ciara Watling in football and Emma Smith-Chaston in horse racing and they all want to be the best they can in their sport. First and foremost, they want to be recognised not because they are women but because they are good at the sport they love and that at the end of the day should be what equality is all about.

Peter Varney - Chairman, Integral Sports Management.

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